Energy management:
regain control

Energy management systems have developed into user friendly,
programmable monitoring and control of your electrical system.
Giving you the ability to keep your family safe, secure and
comfortable during times of extended power outages.

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What happens when the power goes out?

At Envoye, we educate and provide solutions for those who want to improve the safety and energy savings of their property

Understanding Energy Management

Whether home owner, new buyer, or commercial business, we partner with you on your energy management journey. These are the steps to developing your energy management system.

Smart Electrical Panel

Unlock the power of energy diagnostics with our partner, SPAN. By leveraging a smart electrical panel, you gain the ability to thoroughly diagnose your property's energy usage. Monitor the energy consumption of each individual breaker, even tracking dormant energy usage, such as that of your dryer when not in use. Once this foundational step is accomplished, managing your energy becomes effortless. Explore additional features and benefits to further enhance your energy management experience.

Solar and Generator Power, Stored in Lithium (LiFePO4) batteries

Efficiently creating self-generated power and optimizing its usage reduces the need for larger, costlier systems. Integrating batteries into your home allows you to offset electricity consumption during peak hours, particularly when using EV chargers or HVAC units. Additionally, incorporating a generator ensures full energy independence during grid outages, bolstering your energy storage capabilities.

There are countless ways to continue building on your energy management journey.

Discover various paths to elevate your energy management journey. Some of our favorites are HVAC heat pumps, smart thermostats, heat pump water heaters, geothermal systems, dehumidifiers, LED lighting, and smart EV Chargers. Each option offers specific benefits to enhance your energy efficiency and sustainability, catering to your individual needs.

Experience Cost Savings, Energy Efficiency, and Peace of Mind with ENVOYE.

It all starts with a thorough assessment of your home or business environment. Collaborating with Envoye, we conduct a comprehensive survey to understand your environment. Together, we develop tailored solutions focused on providing better control, energy storage and monitoring systems, resulting in better efficiency, safety, security, and comfort in your home or business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about energy management and our installation process.

What is energy management, and why is it important for homes and businesses?

Energy management provides the ability to program and monitor energy consumption. By doing so, you can understand where and how to control, reduce consumption and increase efficiency of your electrical usage.

What kind of savings can I expect by implementing your energy management solutions?

There is no absolute here. How you use your energy, daily environmental changes, and your electrical systems will determine your efficiency without energy management. Energy management can allow you to reduce the loss of those inefficiencies and gain savings by improving efficiency.

Do you offer support and maintenance services for your products?

Yes, we do. We also offer ongoing maintenance and service contracts.

Are your energy management systems compatible with renewable energy sources like solar panels?


Can energy management systems integrate with existing HVAC systems?

No, not readily compatible with older technology.

How can I monitor and track my energy usage in real-time with an energy management system?

You are able to monitor and control your energy usage using the Span Panel App on any smart device from anywhere in the world (requires internet access).

Are there government incentives or rebates available for implementing energy-efficient solutions?

Yes. There are many.

What steps can I take to make my home or business more energy-efficient today?

Energy efficient products and services are the fastest and most affordable way to improve energy efficiency. Check out Energy Star for more ideas. 

Can I be “off-the-grid” with one of your energy management systems?

Yes, but based on your jurisdiction.

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