By implementing Energy Management Systems in your new build, savings are significantly more compared to installing after building is complete. Our customizable solutions seamlessly integrate smart energy technologies into building designs, providing complete control over energy usage from one app.

Tomorrow's Homes, Today

Modern homeowners are more energy conscious than ever. Build towards the future and empower your business by constructing homes that provide maximum savings, comfort and safety.


Integrate Smart Energy Technologies Seamlessly into Your New Builds

Specialized insights and solutions to help developers, architects, and homeowners integrate smart energy technologies seamlessly into their new construction projects. Our customizable energy management solutions can be tailored to the unique requirements of almost any new build, ensuring maximum efficiency and cost savings.

Thousands of Dollars in Energy Savings

Our energy management packages will save homeowners up to tens of thousands on energy costs per year

Customizable AND UPGRADABLE Solutions

Every home's energy demands will change, and all of our systems are specifically designed to be upgradeable to fit those changing needs

Texas Sized Energy Bills

The average price of energy in Texas has risen 30% in the last 10 years, and is expected to rise another 3% annually. Lock in the price of energy now by producing it right at home!

Safety & Comfort

The Texan power grid is famously unreliable, and Texas homeowners are tired of living in the dark. With an Envoye Power energy storage system; when the grid goes down, our homes stay on to provide safety and comfort when you need it the most.


Power outages that lasted longer than 1 hour in Texas since 2019


Hours that the average Texan will spend per year without power


Casualties as a result of the 2021 winter storm energy crisis

Envoye Power is committed to providing builders with energy storage technology that will power Texas homes through major blackouts.

Envoye: Helping Builders Be The Solution to Texas' Energy Crisis

Retrofit costs, sales commissions and financing fees will add up to 60% to the cost of adding renewable energy to a home when you wait until after the construction phase. Contact us to learn more about how Envoye allows builders to bypass these costs and maximize a home's return on investment.


Renewable Tax Credits, "Green" Mortgages, Insurance Claims, Appraisal Values...

These concepts can seem daunting to even the most well informed home-buyer. Let Envoye light the way! Our network of knowledgeable realtors, mortgage brokers, insurance agents, CPA's and more; will be there every step of the way to ensure each home-buyer is well informed on how to maximize their benefits.

Investment Tax Credits

30% of the total value of your energy management system can be written off of your income tax. And as of last year, owners can roll-over that credit for up to FIVE YEARS. Our solar-expert CPA partners will be eager to guide homeowners through this deduction process.

“Green” Mortgages

Formally known as Energy-Efficient Mortgages. This is a special type of federally insured mortgage that takes into account the cost savings that accrue as a result of lower utility bills. Basically, lenders recognize that the less we pay for utilities, the more we’ll have available to pay towards a mortgage, affording homeowners more purchasing power and better rates as a result! Envoye’s partners in the mortgage industry are eager to finance your smart home today!

Insurance Claims

“Adding solar to your roof will hike up the insurance” is a common myth. The truth is, most major insurance carriers cover roof-mounted solar systems as part of the structure of a home, and will not affect it’s policy unless the value of the system exceeds that policy’s maximum coverage. Luckily, Envoye’s done the hard work for you of finding insurance brokers who can find the perfect policy for your smart home!

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about energy management and our installation process.

What is energy management, and why is it important for homes and businesses?

Energy management provides the ability to program and monitor energy consumption. By doing so, you can understand where and how to control, reduce consumption and increase efficiency of your electrical usage.

What kind of savings can I expect by implementing your energy management solutions?

There is no absolute here. How you use your energy, daily environmental changes, and your electrical systems will determine your efficiency without energy management. Energy management can allow you to reduce the loss of those inefficiencies and gain savings by improving efficiency.

Do you offer support and maintenance services for your products?

Yes, we do. We also offer ongoing maintenance and service contracts.

Are your energy management systems compatible with renewable energy sources like solar panels?


Can energy management systems integrate with existing HVAC systems?

No, not readily compatible with older technology.

How can I monitor and track my energy usage in real-time with an energy management system?

You are able to monitor and control your energy usage using the Span Panel App on any smart device from anywhere in the world (requires internet access).

Are there government incentives or rebates available for implementing energy-efficient solutions?

Yes. There are many.

What steps can I take to make my home or business more energy-efficient today?

Energy efficient products and services are the fastest and most affordable way to improve energy efficiency. Check out Energy Star for more ideas. 

Can I be “off-the-grid” with one of your energy management systems?

Yes, but based on your jurisdiction.

Still have questions?

Contact us for more information.