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Optimize operations, reduce costs, and promote sustainability with our energy-efficient technologies and scalable Energy Management Systems (EMS).

Integrate EMS into Your Business

3-7 years (depending on size and complexity)


Commercial investment opportunities offers high ROI by cutting electricity costs, utilizing roof space efficiently, and ensuring long-term savings. Generating onsite renewable energy helps businesses hedge against utility price hikes, while reducing carbon footprint.

Less peak charges


Solar and storage systems cut upfront costs and mitigate peak charges for businesses. Generating electricity from solar reduces reliance on the grid, while batteries store excess energy for high-demand periods, saving money.

Energy Efficiency and Weatherization upgrades


Renewable energy management techniques, including efficiency upgrades and renewable integration offset yearly electrical costs for businesses. Smart usage optimization and technology minimize expenses while enhancing sustainability and operational efficiency.

ITC - 30% / Accelerated Depreciation (Link to Business Tax)


Tax advantages like federal investment tax credits and accelerated depreciation, reducing upfront costs and boosting the financial return of renewable energy management investments are a major part of a successful commercial installation.



We ensure high-quality results from assessment to operation. Transitioning to one of our energy management systems improves cost efficiency and responds to environmental concerns.

Consulting and Design

The first step in our commercial consulting and design process is understanding your operations, your building and its characteristics to determine the optimal configuration of an energy management systems.


Next, our engineering team designs a tailored energy management system, ensuring energy efficiency and compliance with city, state and federal building regulations, including tax credits and IRS reporting.


We offer comprehensive financing options tailored to your needs, making energy management installation on your commercial building financially feasible and hassle-free.


Our skilled team executes the installation swiftly and efficiently, ensuring proper integration of your energy management system onto your commercial building while minimizing disruption to your operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to common questions about energy management and our installation process.

What is energy management, and why is it important for homes and businesses?

Energy management provides the ability to program and monitor energy consumption. By doing so, you can understand where and how to control, reduce consumption and increase efficiency of your electrical usage.

What kind of savings can I expect by implementing your energy management solutions?

There is no absolute here. How you use your energy, daily environmental changes, and your electrical systems will determine your efficiency without energy management. Energy management can allow you to reduce the loss of those inefficiencies and gain savings by improving efficiency.

Do you offer support and maintenance services for your products?

Yes, we do. We also offer ongoing maintenance and service contracts.

Are your energy management systems compatible with renewable energy sources like solar panels?


Can energy management systems integrate with existing HVAC systems?

No, not readily compatible with older technology.

How can I monitor and track my energy usage in real-time with an energy management system?

You are able to monitor and control your energy usage using the Span Panel App on any smart device from anywhere in the world (requires internet access).

Are there government incentives or rebates available for implementing energy-efficient solutions?

Yes. There are many.

What steps can I take to make my home or business more energy-efficient today?

Energy efficient products and services are the fastest and most affordable way to improve energy efficiency. Check out Energy Star for more ideas. 

Can I be “off-the-grid” with one of your energy management systems?

Yes, but based on your jurisdiction.

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